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Karen O to debut an opera, Florence and the Machine to perform at The Creators Project fest

NEW YORK — The Yeah Yeah Yeahs’ Karen O will unveil her mini-opera “Stop the Virgens” next month at a cultural and arts festival put on by Vice and Intel’s The Creators Project.


Ke$ha Pukes Glitter All Over Rio!

A lot of big names performed at Rock In Rio this year, including Ke$ha!

And she did what she does best -- twirl around, leaving traces of glittery garbage all over the stage.

We mean that in the best way possible! Her fans loved it too!

So we thought we'd share ...


Knox appeal: Reviewing the evidence

The evidence for and against Amanda Knox's murder conviction


Kabul's postmen on streets with no names

Kabul has few formal street names, so just how does a postman deliver the mail?


Key US particle machine to shut

One of the world's most powerful "atom smashers", at the leading edge of scientific discovery for two decades, is about to shut down.



Good idea or bad idea - morphine lipstick?


karen walker’s brand new critters


Kareena-Saif wedding postponed

Following his dad's death, the couple might not get married in 2012


Katrina Kaif's wardrobe malfunction

It was Salman who came to her rescue before it got worse


Kindle Fire already Amazon top seller

It appears that Amazon may have a hit on their hands right out of the starting gate here as their pre-orders list now points toward the Kindle Fire being an instant best-seller.


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